The state of Florida is gorgeous with landscapes and other attractions, bringing in visitors and homebuyers from all
over the globe. However, the state is also prone to natural disasters seen depending on the season along with other
perils homeowners all over face.

This is why it’s vital as a Florida homeowner to have a general understanding of homeowners insurance to get the best
protection for your property.

Policies differ greatly

As you review policies, working closely with an insurance specialist can be helpful as they can assist you in
identifying the differences between policies. Some coverages may only extend to the exterior of the home, whereas
some other polices may be more comprehensive. As a standard, most homeowners insurance polices cover these

  • Vandalism.
  • Theft.
  • Fire.
  • Lightning damage.
  • Damage from hurricanes.
  • Tree damage.

If your property does suffer lost from a peril, your insurance company will first give you an estimate of the damage.
Then, once damages are assessed and the deductible is paid, your insurance provider will pay for a percentage of the
damages to be fixed.

Insurance doesn’t cover everything

There are certain things your home insurance won’t cover, which is important to note while living in Florida. While
your home insurance may cover damage caused by a hurricane, it won’t cover flooding or water damage. You may need to
add additional coverages to protect your home and household.

The interior of your home

Insurance polices can offer financial coverage to items inside your home in the case of perils. This includes
furniture, electronics, appliances and more. This coverage extends to damages caused by perils listed on your policy
and won’t include simple product failures.

Homeowners insurance plays a big part in the financial well-being of your home. As you shop for coverage, compare
policies to find great deals and compare coverages to make sure your home is protected.